SAGL Drawing


2015 Hutch

Hon. Kaven Hutchinson

Grand Master of Masons

Jurisdiction of Georgia

Hail! The Most Worshipful Smooth Ashlar Grand Lodge family and friends. We have set the course. Our new motto , “The New Frontier: Striving for Success through Service,” embarks our great organization on a profound level of commitment, sacrifice and dedication to the communities we serve, to the Great state of Georgia and the United States of America. Our vision is very clear. We, (Smooth Ashlar Grand Lodge) will lead the National Compact with sincere leadership and guidance, building on a style of masonic work that enhances unity within the values of respect, dignity and fairness.

As your elected Grand Master of Masons, I am bless and honored to serve my brothers and sisters. Our belief, faith and trust are in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We will be successful because it has been ordained. We will serve our brethren because it is our duty. Yes! We are Smooth Ashlar Grand Lodge.

The Grand Secretary and the website staff are working hard to provide an informational tool that communicates and provides current updates about the organization and our various departments.  May God bless you.

Kaven W. Hutchinson 32º

   Grand Master of Masons, SAGL